I’m sure you all know Robin-run-the-hedge – nature’s velcro – it’s also called goosegrass, sticky willy, sticky nelly and cleavers. This is an extract from Clare’s first meeting with the plant sprite himself . . .

There was some Robin-run-the-hedge growing up a tree. As she watched, the plant began to move. It folded and stuck to itself, gradually forming a body and arms, fingers and a head. Then, little bits pulled apart to form little gaps where a mouth and eyes should be.
‘Hello Clare – pop – I’m Robin-run-the-hedge – pop – the plant sprite, in the flesh or more correctly in the green – pop –’ He smiled. His voice was soft, like the rustling of leaves. His words were broken up with soft popping sounds as his lips stuck together and he pulled them apart with an up-tilt of his chin. ‘I’m – pop – sorry if I – pop – startled you.’