The Buttercup Effect

I pause to rest after a summers hike.Buttercup
Crossing my legs I notice a crushed buttercup
in the thread of the sole of my left hiking boot
and I feel the shame of a rehabilitated vandal.

My imagination turns to the Ray Bradbury short story,
‘The Butterfly Effect’ which I read, oh so long ago,
And I wonder the outcome of ‘The Buttercup Effect.’

The botany historians of the future will tell of the extinction
of two rare species by a blundering Irish woman
who sealed the fate
of the Lesser Spotted Cornish Duck Billed Wallopper,
by annihilating the last remaining pollenating male
its only food source,
with her size 7’s.

Such are the dangers of straying from the path
and the wanton wilfulness of the proclaimed ‘outdoor types.’

Copyright Nóra Skehan 2015

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