Science Fiction

Trouble in Time

It’s 2015 and time travel hasn’t been invented yet, however when it is, in the future, it’s logical that there has been evidence of it for centuries.

Irish midwife Irene Butler and her conspiracy fanatical teenage friend Fergus, discover frightening evidence of this dangerous future invention. They embark on an impossible mission: to track down the inventor of a technology that does not yet exist and prevent its invention.

In Geneva, in 2060, Irish doctor Kerry Kavanagh would rather focus on his patients, leaving the policing of time-travel – which he accidentally stumbled across – to the authorities, instead he needs to travel to Dublin’s Meath Hospital in 1918 to save the future. And with public opinion divided, thanks to the persistent efforts of Irene Butler, he needs to do this in secret.

Far from home and his friends, Kerry, who normally shies from romantic commitment, meets a compelling woman and then things get really complicated!

Trouble in Time is a novel about friendship, love, healing and learning to trust – oh and time travel.

Copyright Nóra Skehan 2015

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