Magic in the Wild

Magical creatures are everywhere, although they are shy and cautious. They hide in plain sight, looking just like a tree, a plant, a rock, a puddle, but if you look in just the right way, you’ll be amazed.

Here are a few pictures I have taken over the years. Keep an open mind – you might have to look a few times to see what’s really there . . .

Rock Chomper

Rock Chomper

I’m sure you would have spotted that this was no ordinary rock immediately. You can clearly see its eyes – although they are closed to slits – its nose and mouth. This one is a teenager, the older ones often have little hollows to collect water and lure unsuspecting birds in for a bath, then CHOMP! and all that’s left is a few floating feathers.
Never let your dog relieve itself on one of these or CHOMP! No more Fido!

img_7673 img_7672 Tree Sprites

These are a few rare photos of tree sprites – the spirit of the tree. Look at those eyes. I was just waiting for them to blink but tree sprites, like trees, move very slowly and it could take them a week to blink!

Tree Sprite

Oooh this one is a bit scary looking!

Fear na mBláth

This is one of the Daoine na mBláth – the Flower People. This is one of their warriors in his tribal dress and carrying a spear.

Travelling Trees

Exposed roots like this are a telltale sign of a Travelling Tree. They show that the tree has only just come to rest and hasn’t had time to get all of its roots down deep into the earth. These trees wander all around the country – they are very good dancers too!