All Heart

I’ve been told I wear my heart on my sleeve,
It’s not a bad thing, I believe.
If I don’t show it, no one will see
how much there is to little old me.
I’m not all good, I’m not all bad,
I’m not always happy, I’m sometimes sad,
I’m often funny, I love to laugh,The Hearts
I’m quite sensitive, sometimes I’m daft.
Sometimes I’m strong, and brave and bold.
Sometimes I’m weak, afraid and cold.
Sometimes I’m wooden, sometimes I’m stone,
I love company, I also love being alone.
A queen, a saint, a devil it’s true,
a sinner, a healer, wounded too.
I’m big, I’m messy, I’m tiny, I’m neat
and I bang my drum to my own beat.

Copyright Nóra Skehan 2016

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